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Below are the titles of 1128 feature documentaries (over 65 minutes), followed by country(s) of production, that were presented, or announced, by the following 51 film festivals in 2020, listed roughly in typical event-date order, even though there was a lot of atypical shit going on in 2020, including festival dates: Sundance, Rotterdam, Docpoint, Berlin, Doc Fortnight, Big Sky, Ambulante, Cartagena, True/False, CPH:DOX, sxsw, Cinéma du Réel, Full Frame, Visions du Réel, Tribeca, Hot Docs, Jeonju, DOK. Munich, DOXA, Doc Aviv, Cannes, Sheffield, Krakow, San Francisco Docfest, AFI Docfest, Human Rights Watch, Sydney, Karlovy-Vary, FID Marseille, Guanajuato, Dokufest, Encounters, Locarno, Venice, Telluride, TIFF, Camden, NYFF, DocsMX, Busan, Tokyo, Yamagata, BFI London, Morelia, Jihlava, Leipzig, Mar del Plata, RIDM, DOC NYC, IDFA, New Directors/New Films.

One could argue that these are the top 50ish film festivals for documentary films, though there are at least 25 festivals that are not on this list that are better, or more interesting, curatorially, than some which I've included. Maybe next year.

Approximately 326 of these productions premiered at film festivals in 2019, but had enough play this year to count as "2020" films. It's not unequivocal, this year of production thing. Really, it's more like an 18-month cycle, any "year of production." I used my judgement. This list could've easily been much longer.

This list also includes some 233 of the productions that are eligible for the 2021 Academy Award for Best Documentary. Fun fact: about 65 of the 2021 Oscar eligible films premiered at festivals in 2019, and 7 premiered at festivals in 2018. Less than 40, but more than 30, did not play at film festivals. There were a couple Oscar eligible doc titles that I could not verify in any way, so I dropped them. Please let me if you've heard of "Death Protocol," for example. Sounds like good fun.

Obviously, I'm aware that most of these festivals did not have physical events in 2020, though almost all of them had at least some form of streaming option. Interestingly, Locarno, which neither had an event, nor announced any selections, premiered some 21 of the below-listed films at their 2019 festival, which says a lot about Locarno's curatorial influence. Locarno was one of the top festivals for nonfiction films in 2020, without having a festival.

The alphabetization here includes, rather than excludes, articles. I know this is annoying. Mostly I've used English titles, except when I couldn't find the English title. It's quite likely that a few productions appear twice, under their English title and that of the primary country of production's language.

For fans of titles, there are many awesome ones here. Documentaries have the best titles.


499 Mexico, USA

915 USA

1982 Argentina, Brazil

(In)visible Portraits USA

(In)Voluntary Retirements Argentina

#Blessed Canada

100 Up Netherlands, Norway, Belgium

143 Sahara Street Algeria, France, Qatar

17 Blocks the Final Cut USA

40 Years a Prisoner USA

45 Seconds of Laughter USA

5 Houses Brazil, Germany

76 Days USA, China

80, 000 Schnitzel Germany

9 Days at Raqqa France

911 Kids Canada

9to5: The Story of A Movement USA

A Ballad for Dead Children Columbia

A Black Jesus Germany

A Body Exploded into a Thousand Pieces Argentina

A Cat Dreams About the North France

A Class Story Switzerland, Italy

A Colombian Family Denmark

A Cops and Robbers Story USA

A Crime on the Bayou USA

A Dog Called Money Ireland, UK, USA

A Dramatic Film France

A Farewell to Memory Argentina

A Girl in Return Denmark

A Glitch in the Matrix USA

A House France, Switzerland

A Kid from Coney Island China, USA

A La Calle USA

A Loss of Something Ever Felt Estonia, Columbia, Sweden

A Lullaby for the Valley Israel

A Machine To Live In USA

A Most Beautiful Thing USA

A Museum Sleeps France

A New Beginning Denmark, Norway

A New Shift Czech Republic

A Pandemic: Away From the Motherland USA

A Place to Breathe USA

A Planet in the Sea Italy

A Pleasure, Comrades! Portugal

A Rifle and a Bag India

A Sacrophagus for a Queen Czech Republic

A Secret Love USA

A Shape of Things to Come USA

A Song Called Hate Iceland

A Storm Was Coming Spain

A Thousand Cuts USA, Philippines

A Tunnel Georgia, Germany

A Way Home Belgium, Morocco, France, Qatar

A Winged Man Argentina

A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem USA

A Year Full of Drama Estonia

Acasa, My Home Romania, Germany, Finland

Addicted to Ralphie USA

Adolescents France

Aether Italy, Turkey

Africa Mia France

African Apocalypse UK

After Munich Canada

After Parkland USA

After the Crossing France

After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News USA

Aftermath Germany

Aggie USA

Ahlan wa Sahlan France

Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly USA

AKA Jane Roe USA

Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock USA, Canada, New Zealand

Alida Italy

All I Can Say USA

All In: The Fight for Democracy USA

All That I Am Norway

Always Amber Sweden

Amazon Mirror Brazil

America’s Forgotten USA

American Rapstar USA

American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself USA

Americaville USA

Amor Fati Portugal, Switzerland, France

Amor Omnia France

An Impossible Project Germany

An Unusual Summer Germany, Palestine

And I Was There Israel

And We Go Green USA

Andrey Tarkovsky, A Cinema Prayer Italy, Russia, Sweden

Anerca, Breath of Life Finland

Animation Outlaws USA

Antigone - How Dare We! Slovenia

Antonio & Piti Brazil

Apart USA

Apocalypse ’45 USA

Areum Married South Korea

Arguments France

Arica Belgium, Norway, Chile, Sweden, UK

Art Comes from the Beak the Way It Has Grown Germany

Assassins USA

Aswang Phillipines, France, Norway

Atardi — The Life of Curaçao’s Musical Genius Rudy Plaate Curaçao

Athanor – The Alchemical Furnace Czech Republic

Athlete A USA

Atomkraft Forever Germany

Attacked - the Copenhagen Shootings Denmark

Autobahn Germany

Automotive Germany

Ayouni UK, Qatar

Aznavour By Charles France

Baato USA

Babenco: Tell Me When I Die Brazil

Baby God USA

Bangla Surf Girls Canada, USA

Banksy Most Wanted France

Be Water USA, UK

Bear-Like Switzerland

Beastie Boys Story USA

Beautiful Something Left Behind Denmark

Becoming USA

Before the Dying of the Light Morocco

Being a Human Person Sweden, UK

Being Eriko Denmark, Norway

Belly of the Beast USA

Belushi USA

Between Fire and Water Columbia

Beyond My Steps Angola

Beyond The Visible - Hilma af Klint Germany

Big Fur USA

Big vs. Small Finland

Bile Belgium

Billie UK

Birth Wars Mexico

Bitter Bread Lebanon, Iraq

Bitter Love Sweden

Black Boys USA

Bleeding Audio USA

Blood on the Wall USA

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets USA

Blow It To Bits France

Body of Truth Germany

Bor Netherlands

Bora Bora South Korea

Borealis Canada

Born to Be USA

Bosco Uruguay, Italy

Boys State USA

Breaking Barriers - the Casteless Collective India, Germany

Breaking the Silence Colombia, Bolivia

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road USA

Bring Down the Walls USA, Germany

Bulletproof USA

Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn USA

By All Means Necessary South Africa, Algeria

Calamity Jane & Delphine Seyrig, A Story France, USA

Calendar Girl USA

Call Your Mother USA

Camagroga Spain

Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters USA

Candlelight Revolution South Korea

Cane Fire USA

Capital in the Twenty-First Century France, New Zealand

Carnival Pilgrims Finland

Carrousel Netherlands

Caught in the Net Czech Republic

Cemetery France, UK, Poland, Uzbekistan

Cenote Japan

Chaddr: A River Between Us Germany

Chained (Agora II) Greece, Germany

Charlie Chaplin: The Making of a Genius UK

Chasing Childhood USA

Chèche Lavi (Looking for Life) Mexico, USA, Haiti

Childhood 2.0 USA

Children Israel

Children of the Night Iran

Chronicle of the Stolen Land France

CHSLD, Mon Amour Canada

Chuck Berry UK

Cinema Paneer Sweden

Circus of Books USA

Citizen K UK, USA

Citizen Penn USA

City Hall USA

Clerk USA

Climate Exodus Spain

Coded Bias USA, UK, China

Collective Romania, Luxembourg

Columbia in My Arms Finland, France, Denmark, Norway

Comfort South Korea

Coming Clean USA

Communism and the Net or the End of Representative Democracy Czech Republic

Conductivity Finland

Considering the Ends Belgium, France

Console Wars USA

Constructions Latvia

Corporate Accountability Argentina

Copper Notes of a Wish Canada, Syria

Corleone: A History of La Cosa Nostra France

Corona Chronicles: 40 Days that Changed the world Germany

Coronation Germany

Coup 53 UK, Iran

Courtroom 3H Spain, USA

Cows on the Roof Switzerland

Crazy, Not Insane USA

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words USA

Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll Magazine USA

Crestone USA

Crip Camp USA

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan USA, UK

Crutch USA

Cunningham USA

Current Sea USA

Czech Journal: Vojna Ztohoven Czech Republic

Dads USA

Daldongne 33 Up South Korea

Danses Macabres, Skeletons, And Other Fantasies France, Portugal

Dark City Beneath the Beat USA

Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time USA

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet UK

David Byrne's American Utopia USA

Davos Austria

Days of Cannibalism France, South Africa, Netherlands

Dead Souls' Vacation Georgia

Dealing with Death Netherlands

Dear Elnaz Canada, Iran, UK

Dear Mr. Brody USA

Dear Santa USA

Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes UK

Delphine and Carol France, Switzerland

Demain est si loin France

Demain le feu France

Descent Australia

Desert One USA

Dharma Rebel - Noah Levine Netherlands

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Special USA

Dick Johnson Is Dead USA

Die Wächterin Germany

Disclosure USA

Displaced Germany

Divinations Italy, France

Divinely Evil Brazil

Don't Try to Understand: A Year in the Life of Earl 'DMX' Simmons USA

Don't Worry, The Doors Will Open Canada

Dope Is Death Canada

Dormant Argentina

Down a Dark Stairwell USA

Downstream to Kinshasa France, Congo, Belgium, The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Drag Kids Canada

Drama Girl Netherlands

Dreamlife Netherlands

During Revolution Syria, Sweden

Duty Free USA

Echo Iceland, France, Switzerland

Echoes of the Invisible USA, Poland

Ecstasy Brazil

Eddy's Kingdom Canada

Eine einsame Stadt Germany

El Father Plays Himself Venezuela, UK, Italy, USA

El Negro Chile

Elder's Corner Nigeria, USA

Ending Disease USA

Enemies of the State USA

Enlightened Mexico

Epicentro Austria, France

Erased, ____ Ascent of the Individual Lebanon

Escape From Extinction USA

Esquirlas Argentina

Eternal Jožo, or How I Met a Star Czech Republic, Slovakia

Everybody Flies UK

Everything that is forgotten in an instant Argentina

Everything Will Not Be Fine Romania, Ukraine

Eye to Eye Finland

F11 and Be There USA

Fadma: Even Ants Have Wings Morroco, Belgium

Faith Italy

Faith & Branko Serbia, UK

Fandango at the Wall USA

Fanny: The Right to Rock Canada

Far from You I Grew France, Switzerland

Farwell Paradise Netherlands

Fat Front Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Father my Brother Belgium

Father Solider Son USA

Fear(less) and Dear Hong Kong, China

Feather and Pine USA

Feels Good Man USA

Film About a Father Who USA

Filmfarsi Iran

Final Account UK

Find Your Groove USA

Finding Sally Canada

Finding Yingying USA

Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds USA

First We Eat Canada

Fish Eye Iran

Five Years North USA

Fixed barricade at Hamdalaye crossing France, Guinea

Flannery USA

Flint UK

For Madmen Only: The Stories of Del Close USA

For the Love of Rutland USA

For They Know Not What They Do USA

Forget Me Not South Korea

Forgotten Lands France

Fortezza Italy

Fortunata Poland

Four Mothers Israel

Francesco USA, Czech Republic

Freak Power: The Ballot or the Bomb USA

Freedia Got a Gun USA

Frem Czech Republic, Slovak Republic

Fries! The Movie USA

Fritsch's Flub Germany

From Here USA

From the Neighbourhood Spain

From Underground to the Corridors of Power South Africa

Ganden: A Joyful Land USA

Garage People Germany

Gather USA

Generations USA

Gevar's Land France, Qatar

Ghosts, Long Way Home Portugal

Gifts of Chance - a film about Jorgen Leth Denmark

Girls Can't Surf Australia

Girls/Museum Germany

Giving Voice USA

Glitter & Dust Germany

Golda Maria France

Good Hope South Africa

Good Light, Good Air South Korea

Good Ol Girl USA

Goodbye Mister Wong Laos, France

Gorbachev. Heaven Lativia, Czech Republic

Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind Canada

Green Blood France

Grenzland Germany

Guczo. Notes on Life Poland

Gunda Norway, USA

Gundermann River Germany

Haida Modern Canada

Hamtranck, USA USA

Happy Happy Joy Joy - The Ren & Stimpy Story USA

Harlem Rising: A Community Changing the Odds USA

Harley USA

Harley Queen Chile

Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something USA

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics USA

He Dreams of Giants UK

Healing From Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation USA

Heaven Beneath My Feet Lebanon, France

Heel-and-Toe Russia

Heidi en Chine Switzerland, France

Heimat is a Space in Time Germany, Austria

Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful Germany

Henshin! Japan

Her Mothers Hungary

Her Name Was Europa Germany

Her Socialist Smile USA

Here We Move Here We Groove Netherlands

Hey! Teachers! Russia

Higher Love USA

Hilary Hahn - Evolution of an Artist Germany, USA

Hillary USA

Home of One's Own Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt

Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children Serbia

Hong Kong Moments Germany

Honourable Men Israel

Hood River USA

Hope Frozen Thailand

Hopper/Welles USA

House of Cardin USA

How To Fix A Primary USA

How to Overthrow the US Government (Legally) USA

How to Steal a Country South Africa

Human Nature USA

Hunting For Hedonia Denmark

Hydration USA

I Am a Town USA

I Am Greta Sweden

I Am No Longer Afraid France

I Am Not Alone Armenia, USA

I Am Samuel Kenya, Canada, UK, USA

I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti. Capitolo secondo Italy

I Dream of Singapore Singapore

I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die Denmark

I Never Climbed the Provincia Chile

I Owe You a Letter About Brazil Brazil

I Walk Denmark

I Wan You if You Dare Czech Republic

I'm Going To Make You Love Me USA

I'm in Love with Pippa Bacca Italy

Ibrahim: A Fate to Define Lebanon, Palestine, Denmark, Qatar, Slovenia,

Ice Cold USA

Iconicity USA

If It Were Love France

If We Burn Hong Kong

iHuman Norway, Denmark

Il était un petit navire Belgium

Il mio corpo Italy, Switzerland

In & of Itself USA

In a Silent Way Belgium

In a Whisper Spain, France, Switzerland, Cuba

In His Image Netherlands

In My Blood It Runs Australia

In My Own Time: A Portrait of Karen Dalton USA

In My Skin Brazil

In Silico USA

In Your Eyes, I See My Country Morroco, France

Inconvenient Indian Canada

Indian Space Dreams UK

Influence South Africa, Canada

Inland Panama

Insert Coin USA

Inside the Diamond Sweden

Inside the Red Brick Wall Hong Kong

Interregnum Spain

Into The Deep Denmark

Invisible to the Eye Turkey

Irmi USA

Irradiated Cambodia, France

Isadora's Children France, South Korea

It Takes a Family Denmark

Ivana the Terrible Serbia, Romania

IWOW: I Walk on Water USA

J’ai aimé vivre là France

Jacinta USA

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President USA

Jindo Requiem South Korea

John Lewis: Good Trouble USA

Jonathan Scott's Power Trip Canada, USA

Jose Feliciano: Behind This Guitar USA

Journey Around the Home in 60 Days Romania

Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission USA

Journey to Utopia Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Jozi Gold Sweden

Judy Versus Capitalism Canada

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl USA

Keith Haring: Street Art Boy UK

Kenny Scharf: When Worlds Collide Brazil, USA

King of the Cruise Netherlands

King Rocker UK

Kingdom of Silence USA

Kings of Capitol Hill Israel

Kiss The Ground USA

Kombinat Switzerland

Krabi, 2562 Thailand, UK

Kubrick by Kubrick France

Kuxlejal (Vida) Mexico

L.A. Tea Time Canada

L'Homme qui penche France

La Fin des terres Canada

La Madrina: The Savage Life of Lorine Padilla USA

La Mami Mexico, Spain

LA Originals USA, Argentina

Lady Buds USA

Lamentations of Judas France, Netherlands, Angola

Lance USA

Land of My Father South Korea

Landfall USA

Landscape Zero Croatia

Language is a Love Story Canada

Larry Flynt for President USA

Las poetas visitan a Juana Bignozzi Argentina

Last and First Men Iceland

Last Call for Tomorrow USA

Last Knights of the Right Side Poland

Last Knights of The Right Side Poland

Latvian Coyote Latvia

Laurel Canyon USA

Le chant d’Empédocle Canada

Le Fantôme de Spandau Belgium

Le Kiosque France

Le temps perdu Argentina

Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on the Exorcist USA

Lebanon - Borders of Blood Israel, Germany

Leftover Women Israel

Lene Und Die Geister Des Waldes Germany

Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story USA

Leoforio France, Switzerland, Greece

Leonie, actrice en spionne Netherlands

Les femmes du soleil: une chronologie du regard Iran, France

Les heures heureuses France

Lessons of Love Poland

Let It Be Law Argentina, France, Uruguay

Let the Lights Move Away Argentina, Uruguay

Let's Talk Egypt

Letter to the Editor USA

Letters from a Whistler Fan to a Conrad Fan Chile

Libelu – Down With the Dictatorship Brazil

Life Is Deadly Italy

Lift Like a Girl Egypt, Denmark, Germany

Lil' Buck: Real Swan France, USA

Lili Australia, Hungary

Linea 137 Argentina

Lisbon Beat Portugal

Listen To My Song South Africa

Little Girl France

Living Water Czech Republic

Loin de vous j'ai grandi France

Lonely Rock Argentina, Mexico, Qatar, UK

Long Live Love Denmark

Looking For Gilles Caron France

Looking For Life Mexico, United States, Haiti

Lopon Mexico

Los conductos Colombia

Los Hermanos/The Brothers USA

Los Últimos Frikis Cuba, USA

Losing Vietnam Germany, Austria

Lost Boys Northern Ireland

Lost Course Hong Kong

Lost in Face Germany

Lost Kids on the Beach Romania

Lost Lives UK, Ireland

Love & Stuff USA

Love and Fury USA

Love Child Denmark

Love Poem Hong Kong, China

Love, It was Not Israel, Austria

Lovemobil Germany

Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over USA

M For Magic USA

Madame Switzerland

Maddy the Model Sweden

Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art Canada

Maggie's Farm USA

Mai Khoi and the Dissidents USA

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound USA

Makongo Argentina, Central African Republic, Italy

Malni-Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore USA

Man in the Arena USA

Man, that sick old animal France

Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word Is Power Canada

Martha: A Picture Story Australia

Martin Margiela: In His Own Words Belgium, Germany

Massacre River USA

Mating Denmark, Sweden

Max Richter's Sleep UK, USA

Maxima USA

Mayor USA, UK

Me and the Cult Leader Japan

Meanwhile on Earth Denmark, Sweden, Estonia

Meat the Future Canada

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story UK

Medium Argentina

Meet the Censors Norway

Memory Is Our Homeland Canada

Merry Christmas, Yiwu Sweden, Serbia, Germany, France, Qatar, Belgium

Midnight Family USA, Mexico

Mighty Ira USA

Mimaroğlu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island Turkey, USA

Minamata Mandala Japan

Miracle Fishing USA

Mirador Uruguay

Miri fajta Czech Republic

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Germany, China

Mishima: The Last Debate Japan

Miss Americana USA

Missing in Brooks County USA

Mister Soul – A Story About Donny Hathaway Netherlands


Molecole Italy

Moments Like This Never Last USA

Mon amour France

Monsieur Deligny, Vagabond Efficace France

Morgana Australia

Morning Star Madagascar

Mother Belgium

Mother to Earth: The Untold Story of Earth Bound USA

Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You Lesotho, Qatar

Motherlands Hungary, Romania

Mr. Jimmy Japan

Mr. Soul! USA

Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man USA

Mrs. F Netherlands, Nigeria

Mucho Mucho Amor USA

Mullah's Daughter Iran, UK

Murder at Cinema North Israel

Murghab Germany

Music Got Me Here USA

My Darling Supermarket Brazil, Denmark

My Darling Vivian USA

My Dear Spies France

My English Cousin Switzerland, Qatar,

My Mexican Bretzel Spain

My Octopus Teacher South Africa, Netherlands

My People: The Jews of Greece Greece, USA, Denmark

My Psychedelic Love Story USA

My Rembrandt Netherlands

NA China France, China, Cameroon

Nagastyle India

Nahanni River of Forgiveness Canada

Nails in My Brain Azerbaijan

Nan China, USA

Napoli Eden Italy

Narcissus Off Duty Brazil

Nardjes A. Algeria, France, Germany, Brazil

Nasrin USA

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind USA

Negra Mexico

Neither Confirm Nor Deny UK

Nemesis Switzerland

Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story USA

Night Shot Chile

Niña mamá Argentina

Ninosca Sweden

nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up Canada

No Gold for Kalsaka Burkina Faso, Germany

No Hard Feelings Israel

No Kings Brazil

No Ordinary Man Canada

No son horas de olvidar Mexico

Nocturne South Korea

Nofinofy France, Madagascar

Non Western UK, USA, Mexico

Norie Japan

Norma Aleandro, el vuelo de la mariposa Spain

Northern Range France

Not Going Quietlly USA

Notes from the Underworld Austria

Nothing but the Sun Switzerland, Paraguay

Notre-Dame-des-Landes, la reconquête France

Notturno Italy, France, Germany

Objector Israel, Palestine

Oceano de amor Germany, Cuba

Odoriko Japan, USA, France

Oeconomia Germany

Of Land and Bread Israel, Palestine

Off the Road Mexico, USA

Oh Les Filles! France

Okavango: River of Dreams Austria, South Africa

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life USA

Olympia USA

On a Clear Day You Can See the Revolution From Here UK, Kazakhstan

On a le temps pour nous Belgium

On Endings Italy, Philippines

On The Record USA

Once Upon a Time in Poland Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

Once Upon a Time in Uganda USA, Uganda

Once Upon A Time in Venezuela Venezuela, UK, Brazil, Austria

Once Upon a Youth Croatia

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band Canada

Once You Know France

One Life USA

One Man and His Shoes UK

One More Jump Italy

One More Jump Italy, Lebanon, Switzerland

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope Sweden, Norway

Option Zero Cuba, Brazil, Colombia

Origins of the Species USA

Oroslan Slovenia, Czech Republic

Osmosis China

Other, Like Me UK, USA

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles USA

Our Land, Our Altar Portugal

Our Motherland Netherlands

Our Road Italy

Our Time Machine China, USA

Out of Place Germany

Outcry and Whisper Hong Kong, China

Ouvertures UK

Overland USA

Overseas Belgium, France

Own the Room Canada

P.S. Burn This Letter Please USA

Pahokee France, USA

Pajeú Brazil

Panquiaco Panama

Paolo Conte, via con me Italy

Para Onde Voam as Feiticeiras Brazil

Paradise Without People USA

Paris - No Day Without You Germany

Paris Calligrammes Germany, France

Paris Stalingrad France

Passage Canada

Passages UK

Passion - Between Revolt and Revolution Switzerland

Pavarotti UK, USA

Pearl of the Desert India, South Korea

Perro Germany

Personhood USA

Petit Samedi Belgium

Phases of Matter Turkey

Picture a Scientist USA

Picture Character Canada

Pieces of Rebecca Denmark

Pier Kids USA

Pilgrimage to the Mountains Czech Republic

Pilgrims of Divine Mercy Poland

Planet of the Humans USA

Please Hold the Line Austria

Pollywood Poland

Pray Away USA

Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton USA

Prayer for a Lost Mitten Canada

Prelle - In My Own Voice Denmark

Prison Circle Japan

Private Fiction Argentina

Privé Switzerland

Progress in the Valley of the People Who Don't Know Germany

Public Trust USA

Punks Netherlands

Punta Sacra Italy

Purple Sea Germany

Push Sweden

Qiang's Journey China

Queen Lear Turkey

Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack USA

Radio Silence Switzerland, Mexico

Radiograph of a Family Norway, Iran, Switzerland

Rapsodia Negra Columbia

Raymonde El Bidaoia Israel

Rebel Dread UK

Rebel Objects Costa Rica, Colombia

Rebuilding Paradise USA

Red Card France, Reunion, Comoros, South Africa

Red Heaven USA

Red Penguins USA, Germany

Red, White & Wasted USA

Refugees Are Welcome Here Slovakia

Reiwa Uprising Japan

Remnants of a Revolution Philippines

Res Creata Italy

Resisterhood USA

Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line USA

Retiro Mexico

Retour à Višegrad Switzerland

Retrospective France

Return to Epipo Hungary

Reunited Denmark, Sweden

Rewind USA

Ricky Powell: The Individualist USA

Ridge Sweden

Rift Finfinnee Germany

Ringside USA

Riplist USA

Rising Phoenix UK

River City Drumbeat USA

River Tales Luxembourg

Robin's Hood Austria

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm UK, USA

Rockfour: The Time Machine Israel

Ronnie's UK

Rosemary's Way Australia

Rules of the Assembly Line, at High Speed Germany

Rumba Rules, New Genealogies Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada, Belgium

Runner USA

Running on Empty Austria

Safety 123 Austria

Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams Italy

San Mao: the desert bride Spain

Sanctuary Spain

Sankara n'est pas mort France

Santikhiri Sonata Thailand, Germany

Sapelo Switzerland

Sasang: The Town on Sand South Korea

Saudi Runaway Switzerland

Saul & Ruby's Holocaust Survivor Band USA

Scheme Birds Sweden, UK

Schlingensief – A Voice that Shook the Silence Germany

Schocken, On the Verge of Consensus Israel, Germany

School Town King Thailand

Searching for Mr. Rugoff USA

Seeing Red Argentina

Seekers France

Self-portrait 2020 South Korea

Selfie France, Italy

Sentimental Education Spain

Sewing Sisters South Korea

Shade Grown Coffee Denmark

Shadow Flowers South Korea

Shady River Argentina

Shalom Allah Switzerland

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder USA

She Had a Dream France

Sheltered Netherlands

Shooting The Mafia UK

Show Dancer Denmark

Showgirls of Pakiston Pakistsan, USA

Shut up Sona India

Sidik and the Panther Netherlands

Silence and Swords Denmark

Silence of the Tides Netherlands

Simple as Water USA, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Germany

Since I've Been Down USA

Sing Me A Song France, Germany, Switzerland

Singing in the Wilderness China, USA

Sister J South Korea

Sisters with Transistors France

Själö - Island of Souls Finland

Sky Blossom USA

Slay the Dragon USA

Smog Town China

So Late So Soon USA

Socks on Fire USA

Softie Canada, Kenya

Soldier's Woman Peru

Solo Argentina, Czech Republic

Some Kind of Heaven USA

Somebody Up There Likes Me UK

Sòne Switzerland

Song Hae 1927 South Korea

Songs of Entoko -The Power of Feebleness Japan

Songs of Repression Denmark

Soros USA

Southern Journey (Revisited) USA, UK

Space Dogs Austria, Germany

Spaceship Earth USA

Speak So I Can See You Serbia, Croatia, Qatar

Speed of Happiness South Korea

Speer Goes to Hollywood Israel

Sportin' Life France

Stars and Strife USA

State Funeral Netherlands, Lithuania

Stateless Canada, USA

Stockton on My Mind USA

Stray USA

Street of Darkness Denmark

Strike or Die France

Strip Down, Rise Up USA

Summerwar Germany

Sunless Shadows Iran, Norway

Super Frenchie USA

Suspension Columbia

Suzanne Daveau Portugal

Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue China

System K France

Tacheles: The Heart of the Matter Germany

Taiwan Equals Love Taiwan

Taking the Horse to Eat Jalebis India, South Korea

Tales from the Prison Cell Hungary, Croatia, UK

Talking About Trees France, Sudan, Germany, Chad, Qatar

Teach Romania

Television Event USA

Television Without Frontiers Sweden


That Cloud Never Left India

That Which Does Not Kill Belgium, France

The 8th USA

The Accused: Damned or Devoted? Pakistan, UK, USA

The Alpinist USA

The American Sector USA

The Antidote USA

The Apollo USA

The Ark China

The Art of Being Human South Africa

The Art of Falllism Norway, South Africa

The Art of Living in Danger Germany, Iran

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"Now everybody smile and say CINEMA!"

It's unfortunate that The Earth Is Blue as an Orange is a "documentary," but that's what everybody is calling this sparkling debut feature film. It premiered in the "World Cinema Documentary" competition at Sundance 2020, as opposed to the "World Cinema Dramatic" programme. How about just "World Cinema," folks?

At Berlinale, the film was slotted in "Generation 14plus," I suppose because the director, Iryna Tysilyk, is young and there are young people featured in her film. I doubt there were many more compelling cinema productions competing, with the "grown-ups," for the Golden Bear. Subsequently, The Earth Is Blue as an Orange has been presented mostly by documentary festivals, including this week within Camden International Film Festival's finely curated (I'm finding) online programme.

When a work such as The Earth Is Blue as an Orange revels in cinema's borderless capacity to open up our vision and view of the world, not to mention our hearts and minds, why the impulse to wall it in, restrict and confine it? Offering another way to consider the art of the real, the title is drawn from the first line of Paul Éluard's poem "La terre est bleue." The earth is blue like an orange, the poem insists, and the words don't lie. ("Jamais une erreur les mots ne mentent pas"). We're being poked to reject categories, the literal, to see and feel anew:

Tu as toutes les joies solaires

Tout le soleil sur la terre

Sur les chemins de ta beauté.

Éluard was a surrealist and Krasnohorivka, Ukraine, is this film's surreal setting. Since early 2014, the town has been on the frontline of Russia's proxy war with Ukraine. Shells are flying over their home, but emerging cinematographer Myroslava Trofymchuk and her family are occupied making a short film. Everybody's pitching in. Hanna, Mira's mom, has an idea:

"You have to show in which city the action is set. Do you understand? You have a normal, civilized house, in a normal, civilized setting. How will you show that you've been living in the war for five years? How will you show the destroyed city?"

Good note Hanna: Show, but don't tell. While the layers of filmmaking at play here offer significant intra-referentiality, Tsilyk is tastefully restrained with the meta bling. She met Mira and her sister, Anastasiia, at a youth film workshop (The Yellow Bus) in Donbas. Tsilyk followed them home, was captivated by the family, and set about making The Earth Is Blue as an Orange as a "making-of" piece. There is an interview with the filmmaker offering more context on YouTube.

Tsilyk's film, a coming-of-age story (if one insists on a genre), is exquisitely crafted, nary a boring frame nor baggy scene, start to finish. I was in joyful tears thirty minutes in and again during the sublime closing scene, in which the family's short film, "2014," is screened for a local audience.

It's cinema. Everybody smile.

Pa'lante: "In Latin American and especially Puerto Rican slang, it's a contraction of "para adelante" or 'forward.' " (Urban Dictionary)

The post-disaster doc is a common genre in nonfiction filmmaking. Given that Landfall surveys Puerto Rico two-years following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, my assumption was that Cecilia Aldarondo's film would follow the usual tropes of the genre, focusing on the material and psychic destruction wrought by the hurricane. Assumptions are dangerous.

Hurricane Maria appears as an apparition in Landfall, haunting though not manifest. Rather, the film serenely swirls around the island, the world's oldest colony, gathering its power and intensity by accumulation. Not that there isn't some spooky shit, past and present, happening in Puerto Rico. We get a glimpse of the late-disaster capitalists sweeping in, here creepy crypto-evangelists promising tax-free prosperity to young Puerto Ricans. Let's "unite and work together as a 'We' ", one suggests, to which a young woman retorts: "The last time there was a 'we', my people died...the best way to help is sometimes just getting out of the way." It's a terrific scene in a film with many.

However, anger and confrontation is not the dominant emotion in Landfall. While framed with the uprising that led to the resignation of Puerto Rico's Governor, Ricardo Rosselló, Landfall oscillates between sadness, intimacy, love, fatigue, grace, beauty and resolve. And never resignation. As crafted by Aldarondo, with collaborators Lale Namerrow Pastor, Pablo Álvarez-Mesa (Cinematographer) and Terra Jean Long (Editor), Landfall is at once lyrical essay cinema and, if I may indulge, what literary critic and political theorist Frederic Jameson might see as an elegant realization of his concept of "cognitive mapping":

"An aesthetic of cognitive mapping - a pedagogical political culture which seeks to endow the individual subject with some new heightened sense of its place in the global system - will necessarily have to respect this now enormously complex representational dialectic [neoliberalism, basically] and invent radically new forms in order to do it justice." - Frederic Jameson, Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, p. 54

Yes, more radical new forms, please. And justice.

Like most of this year's film slate, Landfall's launch was disrupted by the pandemic. Aldarondo, with Robert Greene, discussed the personal and professional ramifications for independent docmakers, precisely and poignantly, in a conversation on Hyperallergic. In the spirit of the Puerto Rican contraction "pa'lante", I believe Landfall will resolutely make its way forward. Good work does that, most of the time. I watched the film via the Camden International Film Festival's online festival and see that the production is doing many such streaming presentations.

It will be broadcast on POV next summer when, I hope, we'll all be largely post-pandemic and post-Trump. Landfall has much to offer those seeking reflection and striving for recovery following a disaster, which will be all of us.

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